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Of utmost importance; of outstanding significance or consequence: a momentous occasion; a momentous decision.

mo·men′tous·ly adv.
mo·men′tous·ness n.
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Adv.1.momentously - in a momentous waymomentously - in a momentous way      
بأهَمِّيَّةٍ بالِغَه
á afdrifaríkan hátt
önemli olarak


(ˈməumənt) noun
1. a very short space of time. I'll be ready in a moment; after a few moments' silence.
2. a particular point in time. At that moment, the telephone rang.
ˈmomentary adjective
lasting for only a moment. a momentary feeling of fear.
ˈmomentarily ((American) moumənˈte-) adverb
moˈmentous (-ˈmen-) adjective
of great importance. a momentous event.
moˈmentously adverb
at the moment
at this particular time; now. She's rather busy at the moment.
the moment (that)
exactly when. I want to see him the moment he arrives.
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Could Keshavan yet reverse his decision to retire, like the legendary British rower and Olympian, Sir Steve Redgrave, so momentously did?
She sings about the grandfather's old possessions, about an umbrella, mortality, the trombone, issues of gender and identity, a dodgy right knee and momentously, "the terabyte hard drive, the most valuable thing I own".
The idea of rights derived from a "strong theory of human nature"--a genuine idea of natural rights is, however, both true and momentously important for morality and politics.
As such, they have a set of modest but largely non-negotiable demands to make of the kingdom of this world--chiefly, and momentously, to be left alone.
It generally needs to be thick, seared in a very hot pan before finishing in the oven and if it's prepared to perfection, as my offering produced by Chef Froosh certainly was, it's melt-in-your-month momentously memorable.
The match-winning goal was his 47th of the season and momentously, his 500th for Barcelona.
He momentously regained his gaiety and sharp spirit and in 1856 left Strasbourg to the spa town of Wildbad, and then to the famous resort of Baden-Baden, where he registered visible progress in terms of general health condition.
The resulting Macpherson Report, published in 1999, would recognise, momentously, the truth of the institutional racism that is a daily fact of life for black British citizens.
sup][2] In the past decades, the dramatic development of surgical technology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and molecular targeted therapy, along with the widespread notion of multidisciplinary team, have momentously upgraded the clinical management and ameliorated the patients' prognosis.
It is evident that the consecutive Egyptian cabinets of the past few years, especially after the 25 January 2011 Revolution, have been underperforming momentously.
On 14 October 2013, the Court of Appeal momentously overturned the High Court's 2009 verdict, enforcement of which had been delayed pending the government's appeal.
Momentously, Nadler shows Cartesian thought affirmed God's full power and mystery, yet freed science-wielding humans to probe the creation to their own ends.