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 (mŏn′ərk, -ärk′)
1. One who reigns over a state or territory, usually for life and by hereditary right, especially:
a. A sole and absolute ruler.
b. A sovereign, such as a king or empress, often with constitutionally limited authority: a constitutional monarch.
2. One that commands or rules: "I am monarch of all I survey" (William Cowper).
3. One that surpasses others in power or preeminence: "Mont Blanc is the monarch of the mountains" (Byron).
4. A monarch butterfly.

[Middle English monarke, from Old French monarque, from Late Latin monarcha, from Greek monarkhos : mono-, mono- + arkhein, to rule.]

mo·nar′chal (mə-när′kəl), mo·nar′chic (-kĭk), mo·nar′chi·cal (-kĭ-kəl) adj.
mo·nar′chal·ly, mo·nar′chi·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.monarchal - having the characteristics of or befitting or worthy of a monarchmonarchal - having the characteristics of or befitting or worthy of a monarch; "monarchical gestures"; "monarchal pomp"
noble - of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times; "of noble birth"
2.monarchal - ruled by or having the supreme power resting with a monarchmonarchal - ruled by or having the supreme power resting with a monarch; "monarchal government"; "monarchical systems"
undemocratic - not in agreement with or according to democratic doctrine or practice or ideals; "the union broke with its past undemocratic procedures"
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James; and the serio- comic ceremonials and mock parade which attended that singular travesty of monarchal style.
This said, he sat; and expectation held His look suspence, awaiting who appeer'd To second, or oppose, or undertake The perilous attempt: but all sat mute, Pondering the danger with deep thoughts; & each In others count'nance red his own dismay Astonisht: none among the choice and prime Of those Heav'n-warring Champions could be found So hardie as to proffer or accept Alone the dreadful voyage; till at last SATAN, whom now transcendent glory rais'd Above his fellows, with Monarchal pride Conscious of highest worth, unmov'd thus spake.
He is clean- shaved; his lips are thin and sensitive; something rigid and monarchal in the set of his features lends a certain elevation to the character of his face.
Papal biographer Austen Ivereigh said that Monday's gestures were nothing new for Francis and merely a further effort to rid the papacy of its "monarchal encrustations" and to strip away elements of courtly rule that continue to be a holdover from a bygone era.
Although the "monarchal church" is the keeper of the magisterium, those church leaders are not as "nimble" as lay leaders, Busch said, describing Napa as "not rogue" but also not "within the bureaucratic church."
The problem is some Koreans still think of themselves as little more than the employees of such authoritarian rulers or vassals of monarchal families.
Wicksell attributed the overwhelming emphasis placed on taxation and the distribution of tax burdens rather than the distribution of public benefits to the fact that in finance theory considerations governments were assumed to be monarchal in nature and therefore little thought was given to expenditures returning to the people in the form of benefits.
On this theoretical fulcrum, Israeli builds his narrative of country case studies on five models: republican (chapter 6); monarchal (chapter 7); tribal (chapter 8); Shi'ite (chapter 9); and revolutionary (chapter 10).
(5) From this perspective, Crusoe's mental flip-flopping bears the ideological traces of a vast reconfiguration of social relations at the dawn of the eighteenth century that would eventuate in the autonomization and naturalization of the economy as the primary determinant of human value over and against the inherited hierarchies of monarchal and religious power structures.
rightful inheritance and monarchal morality an overt topical feature of
Instead of devaluing the democratic process, Kennedy wrote that such a system actually emphasized democratic precepts, proving that political leaders relied upon the people for support rather than inheriting their offices through a monarchal lineage.
Monarchal functionalism is convincingly rebutted by authors advancing the numerous ways to satisfactorily supplant the monarchy, including simply declaring the governor general to be the new head of state (Donolo 2002; Smith 1999).