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 (mŏn′ər-kē, -är′-)
n. pl. mon·ar·chies
1. Government by a monarch.
2. A state ruled or headed by a monarch.

[Middle English monarchie, from Old French, from Latin monarchia, from Greek monarkhiā, from monarkhos, monarch; see monarch.]

mo·nar′chi·al (mə-när′kē-əl) adj.
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In a confederacy founded on republican principles, and composed of republican members, the superintending government ought clearly to possess authority to defend the system against aristocratic or monarchial innovations.
{magasin = shop; ex-officio = by virtue of his position--Cooper frequently criticized American diplomats for taking on the conservative views of the monarchial governments to which they were accredited; oi polloi = common people, rabble (Greek); de Tocqueville = Alexis de Tocqueville = French writer (1805-1859), famous for his account of American culture, "Democracy in America" (1835 and 1840)--Cooper had provided Tocqueville with letters of introduction for his 1832 American visit, but resented the extreme admiration accorded his book}
Children, young girls, old men shared the monarchial fever to which the country was then a victim.
"Desroys.--Dangerous; because he cannot be shaken in principles that are subversive of monarchial power.
This bled into debates about the proper size of the navy, but it is never clear whether these debates are about the navy itself, or if they were really about Catholics in the navy, and the presumption of despotic monarchial support from those Catholics.
According to ( Royal Central , the title of Emperor or Empress of Great Britain is widely regarded as the highest-ranking Monarchial title, while King or Queen, who reigns over a kingdom, is a lesser title than Emperor.
There was also criticism last month by the daily Shahrvand, which described Ahmad Khomeini's wedding as exhibiting the excesses of the monarchial era.
They are two generations apart: Abdul Mehdi was born under monarchial rule during the midst of the Second World War, and Saleh in 1960, early in the years of military dictatorship.
A kind of great republic divided into several states, some monarchial, the others mixed...
This hybrid brand of politics is monarchial with a democratic facade, hallmarked by an ideology that produces brazen faced liars, spawns sycophancy and nurtures the notion of being 'more loyal to the King than the King himself' - even to the point of creating conditions that threaten the very existence of the State.
From this date the monarchial pattern of government seems to have vanished now forever.