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n. pl. mon·as·ter·ies
1. A community of persons, especially monks, bound by vows to a religious life and often living in partial or complete seclusion.
2. The dwelling place of such a community.

[Middle English monasterie, from Old French monastere, from Late Latin monastērium, from Late Greek monastērion, from Greek monazein, to live alone, from monos, alone; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

mon′as·te′ri·al (mŏn′ə-stîr′ē-əl, -stĕr′-) adj.
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Music was present not only during the liturgy (everyday, holiday, or linked with important monasterial events, such as name days of abbots), but also at guest visits and recreation, sometimes held outdoors.
Therefore, monasterial estates did not enjoy uniform privileges.
La primera transcurre entre 1373-1375, periodo que Fernan Perez dedico a asegurar su patrimonio con la institucion de su mayorazgo en 1373 y la emision de su testamento, en 1375, texto en el que se recoge la primera dotacion destinada a Quejana, en concreto, a los capellanes por el nombrados y encargados del culto de la iglesia monasterial. Una segunda fase se prolongo entre los anos 1375-1378, cuando el fundador ingreso en el monasterio de Santo Domingo de Vitoria y, tras contactar con el prior general de la orden de los Predicadores, obtuvo la licencia requerida para el establecimiento del cenobio.
After further studies at Eton, Framlingham, and Oxford, at 16 he said to himself, "Enough already with this monasterial, strict classical education.
The abbey of Bellapais is a special and rare archaeological monument, it said, one of the most important remaining examples of gothic monasterial architecture in the eastern Mediterranean.
In fact, the monasterial constraints inspire her: "I think of our relatively limited budget as a creative force rather than an impediment." Consequently, her menus are usually accompanied by cabbage, root vegetables, onions, beans, and grains.
Comparing his time behind bars with a monasterial retreat, Kabat said jail is a place where he feels at peace.
In fact this custom may indicate the historicity of the monasterial tradition of preserving aged tree trunks for carving divine images.

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