Money broker

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a broker who deals in different kinds of money; one who buys and sells bills of exchange; - called also money changer.

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KYC covered entities: Domestic and offshore banks; venture risk capital; money brokers, exchanges, and transmission services; moneylenders and pawnshops; insurance; real estate; credit unions; building societies; trust and safekeeping services; casinos; motor vehicle dealers; jewelers; international financial service providers; public notaries; attorneys; accountants and auditors
Some money brokers don't need to be super-rich to play at the presidential level.
Blood money, or diya, as defined by the Kingdom's Shariah law stands at SR300,000 for manslaughter and SR400,000 for murder, but in reality the family of the murder convict ends up paying millions to blood money brokers.
23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lenders, private equity investors, money brokers, real estate developers, and other capital sources and capital seekers will gather in Bismarck, North Dakota to explore the state of capital and finance in the Bakken real estate market.
It was this prospect that led to John Goddard, a 58-year-old messenger with the money brokers Sheppards, being mugged at knife-point in a quiet side street in the City of London on May 2, 1990, Dix Noonan Webb said.
Mrs Parker came to Bahrain in 1975 and worked for Gulf Air for 11 years before she moved to money brokers Tullett & Tokyo (now Tullett & Liberty) in 1986.
The money brokers demand more cuts, yet their transfer systems are not swift.
Prior to establishing The Bank of Edinburgh Group plc he was a Director of Fulton Prebon International Limited, one of the world's largest money brokers which had operations in London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Bahrain, Luxembourg and many other financial centres.
The reasons given were an alleged refusal by the money brokers in the sport to meet them.
The main driver of job growth was the non-bank financial sector (comprising insurance firms, money brokers, money changers, financing companies, investment business firms, and other no-bank financial institutions) which added 356 new jobs, an increase of 7.
with at "The increased government bill associated with this stabilisation package and the tougher fiscal tightening conditionality associated with official loans will depress regional growth and lift unemployment," said Lena Komileva, economist at money brokers co.