money laundering

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: laundering - concealing the source of illegally gotten moneymoney laundering - concealing the source of illegally gotten money
concealing, hiding, concealment - the activity of keeping something secret
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blanchiment d’argentblanchiment d'argent
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Its deviance from conventional banking and financial institutions, together with its place in the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian communities, can pose a challenge for investigators experienced in more traditional financial crimes, including money laundering and terrorism financing.
Fortent said the purchase "significantly expands (our) platform of risk and compliance products and services, creating a comprehensive suite of technology, training, and information services for financial institutions and government agencies worldwide." AGM's web sites, and the Spanish-language site,, provide daily news and analysis of anti-money laundering regulations and reference information on money laundering laws, regulations, international developments and government action.
A man, 45, of Palermo Close, Wallasey, on suspicion of drug trafficking and money laundering
* The law requires insurers to make sure its agents and brokers take appropriate steps to prevent money laundering or terrorist funding.
'In 2006, criminals will find it even harder, given the greater awareness of what money laundering is, why it is a criminal act in its own right, and the need for vigilance in preventing it.
Congress to know that once they found a sexy topic, like money laundering that involved crime, cash, maybe mobsters, they wouldn't let go--they'd worry it like a dog with a bone.
Chile has enacted laws and adopted regulations to deter money laundering. Money laundering is a criminal offense in Chile, and financial institutions are required to establish internal policies, procedures, and systems for the detection and prevention of money laundering throughout their worldwide operations.
The PATRIOT Act also specifies, in Section 314(b), that financial institutions may share information with one another for the purpose of identifying terrorism or money laundering suspects.
Muhammad Bashir presiding over the ongoing Fake Bank Accounts and Mega Money Laundering Case ordered the release of the accused Adnan Javed from jail.
Mr Molefhi told Parliament on behalf of Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, that one case, with several counts of money laundering, was currently pending before the court while one case was prosecuted and completed in December 2018.
Money Laundering - CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images CAIRO- 11 June 2019: The Anti-Drugs and Organized Crime Sector of the Ministry of Interior seized LE 3.4 billion ( $178 million) collected in money laundering crimes within one year.