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General Insurance remained a money-loser, booking a $1 billion underwriting loss (versus a $846 million underwriting loss in Q4 2017).
The idea of a paid tier isn't new; if Facebook hasn't offered such an option, the company probably thinks it would be a money-loser. So if we want Facebook users to have control over how their data is shared, we may need outside pressure.
Timber sales in the Elliott have ground to a halt in recent years, in large part because of environmental lawsuits over endangered species, causing the forest to become a net money-loser for schools because of its maintenance costs.
Anglo African Agriculture said that the venture is a money-loser. The company plans to focus on its core business of spice manufacturing.
1982's Inchon, for example, was "the most phenomenal money-loser of all time."
Recycling is a money-loser for the company for now, adding about $70,000 to the cost of handling the 1.9 million gallons of water needed for each hydraulic fracture.
In addition, the first power plant built by Rosatom in Iran turned out to be a money-loser. Another source said there is concern in Moscow that Iran might not have the money for the new power plants, but also said that Russia might "meet Iran halfway on the power plant issue, for political reasons, but it won't do so happily".
GEORGE Osborne's tax on beer has turned into a disastrous money-loser. New government figures show the biggest-ever drop in tax revenue from beer sales.
The Air Distribution unit was a money-loser, and now all of the company's divisions are making money, particularly the Electronic Products division, where profits nearly doubled, thanks to the acquisition last summer of the German-based Meder for about $43 million in cash.
By 2010, the typical VC fund was a big money-loser, generating an internal rate of return of -5.2 percent.
Even at almost 400 million dollars each, it's still a money-loser for Airbus, which makes all of its profit on the smaller A320 and A330 series twin-jets.
-- There's new optimism, fresh capital, and a familiar face at the wheel of financially ailing less-than-truck load (LTL) giant YRC Worldwide (YRCW) as it aims to end a five-year slump in which it lost in excess of $2.6 billion and attempts to shed its infamous title of biggest money-loser in the history of trucking.