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1. A bag for holding money.
2. moneybags(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Wealth.
3. moneybags(used with a sing. verb) A rich, often extravagant person.


a bag for holding money


(ˈmʌn iˌbæg)

1. a bag for money.
2. moneybags, (used with a sing. v.) a very wealthy person.
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Noun1.moneybag - a drawstring bag for holding moneymoneybag - a drawstring bag for holding money  
drawstring bag - a bag that is closed at the top with a drawstring
References in classic literature ?
It was her husband, who had discovered the disappearance of the moneybag, and was crying "Thieves
I thought your race had loved nothing save their moneybags.
It grieves my heart to see one as gallant as this Stutely die, for I have been a good Saxon yeoman in my day, ere I turned palmer, and well I know a stout hand and one that smiteth shrewdly at a cruel Norman or a proud abbot with fat moneybags.
The first was full of meal; the second of moneybags and papers tied into sheaves; in the third, with many other things (and these for the most part clothes) I found a rusty, ugly-looking Highland dirk without the scabbard.
But the `up again and take another' spirit was as strong in Jo as in Jack, so she scrambled up on the shady side this time and got more booty, but nearly left behind her what was far more precious than the moneybags.
Truly Ernest had shaken them when he stretched out his hands for their moneybags, his hands that had appeared in their eyes as the hands of the fifteen hundred thousand revolutionists.
Then they forced him into a vehicle, drove off to a construction site where they threatened him and stole the moneybag and ran away.
The campaign had approved two emojis before the first presidential debate, one was a hand holding a green moneybag that evolved into a stick figure running off with a moneybag.
But not after he left his moneybag containing his Visa and ATM cards and cash amounting to $1,600 (P65,008) on a sofa at the lobby of Oxford Hotel in Brgy.
They are accused of snatching a moneybag from a petrol pump attendant and injuring him with a knife.
Routine work in the bank was not even started, when the armed man entered in the bank forcefully and snatched moneybag from the cashier that was bagged with approximately Rs 92 Lac, police said.