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 (mŏng′grəl, mŭng′-)
1. An animal or plant resulting from various interbreedings, especially a dog of mixed or undetermined breed.
2. Offensive A person of mixed background or descent.
3. Something that is a mixture or combination of elements: "Purists ... object that bordeaux is a mongrel because it mixes two, three or four grape varieties" (Hugh Johnson).
1. Of mixed origin or character: "English has always been a mongrel tongue, a hybrid of arriving idioms" (Mark Abley).
2. Offensive Being a person of mixed background or descent.
3. Being a mongrel organism.

[Middle English, probably from mong, mixture, from Old English gemang; see mag- in Indo-European roots.]

mon·grel′ism n.
mon′grel·ly adv.
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the state or quality of being a mixed breed. — mongrelization, n. — mongrely, adj.
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By 1890, Ben Tillman, who would serve as governor of South Carolina, was crowing: "The triumph of Democracy and white supremacy over mongrelism and anarchy is most complete."
and to note whether their offspring did or did not show signs of mongrelism").
To function with a healthy degree of ethical certainty, people would have to live by a kind of discursive mongrelism by articulating these symbols of authority into internally persuasive discourses for themselves.