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 (mŏng′grəl, mŭng′-)
1. An animal or plant resulting from various interbreedings, especially a dog of mixed or undetermined breed.
2. Offensive A person of mixed background or descent.
3. Something that is a mixture or combination of elements: "Purists ... object that bordeaux is a mongrel because it mixes two, three or four grape varieties" (Hugh Johnson).
1. Of mixed origin or character: "English has always been a mongrel tongue, a hybrid of arriving idioms" (Mark Abley).
2. Offensive Being a person of mixed background or descent.
3. Being a mongrel organism.

[Middle English, probably from mong, mixture, from Old English gemang; see mag- in Indo-European roots.]

mon·grel′ism n.
mon′grel·ly adv.


the state or quality of being a mixed breed. — mongrelization, n. — mongrely, adj.
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To function with a healthy degree of ethical certainty, people would have to live by a kind of discursive mongrelism by articulating these symbols of authority into internally persuasive discourses for themselves.
Dixie has a sufficient stock of mongrelism without taking in the nut brown islanders of the South Pacific," the paper opined.
This detour backward from her Utah period to 1902's "Why I Am a Pagan" reveals her strong support of the anachronistic beauty of so-called thoroughbred mongrelism and her declaration that "racial lines, which once were bitterly real, now serve nothing more than marking out a living mosaic of human beings.