monic polynomial

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Noun1.monic polynomial - a polynomial in one variable
multinomial, polynomial - a mathematical function that is the sum of a number of terms
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Let [mu](x) be a monic polynomial over Z of least degree such that [mu]([theta]) [member of] P.
i) g(x) is the unique monic polynomial of minimum degree in C, and it is called the generating polynomial for C.
0] = -1; then, the following reduced monic polynomial results:
Then q(z) is a monic polynomial of degree m such that, by the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, q(T) = 0.
Then every monic polynomial f(X) in R[X] of degree relatively prime to p has OA.
is a monic polynomial whose zeros are stable and so well damped that they can be canceled by the controller and [B.
Let K be a finite field, K[X] its ring of polynomials and p(X) [member of] K[X] an irreducible monic polynomial.
n of a monic polynomial f(z) can be obtained by using backward Levinson's recursion [13]
This implies that we can as well consider the monic polynomial
That is to say [sigma](z) = z and therefore z [member of] F, consequently y is a root of the monic polynomial [phi](T) whose degree is [p.