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or mon·ick·er  (mŏn′ĭ-kər)
n. Slang
A personal name or nickname.

[Probably from Shelta munik, name, possibly alteration of Irish Gaelic ainm, from Old Irish; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]
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or monicker
Slang. The word or words by which one is called and identified:
Slang: handle.
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[ˈmɒnɪkəʳ] N (= name) → nombre m; (= nickname) → apodo m; (= signature) → firma f; (= initials) → iniciales fpl
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DANCEFLOOR beats and a punk attitude are a potent mix and probably explains the band's monicker. On record their appeal isn't immediate; you really need to feel as well as hear the frenetic basslines so get down to Bar Academy tonight where the group are doing their stuff.
For Aston to have prospered when so many of the major car-makers are in the financial poo is a credit to parent company Ford, who've realised the British bulldog is a much more desirable monicker than the cliched Porsche brand.
The latest Reebok classic sneakers features a black and white acid wash print which, according to the hip hop artist, 'represents equality within society and coming together as one,' while the embedded letters 'K' and 'O' are in red to represent his monicker 'K Dot.'
The band are very much like the vibrant and magical city they adopted their monicker from.
Jack remains most popular boys' monicker for the 10th year running, with Ellie - short for Ellen - tops for girls, say pregnancy information experts Bounty.
The group is now headed by ex-Scottish Power chief Mr Mike Kinski, who acquired the monicker "Killer Kinski" after axing large numbers of jobs at the Scottish utility company.
But now it's gone back to Hilton Park after motorists couldn't recognise its new monicker.
Duterte, who had earned the monicker 'The Punisher' for advocating vigilantism to combat criminality, boasted before a group of businessmen that he used to roam the streets of Davao City when he was its mayor to look for criminals to kill.
"I received an email asking me to contribute a song to an album about the ten Biblical plagues in the book of Exodus," explains the 39-year-old who performs under the monicker of King Creosote.
GM's Hummer brand, favoured by Hollywood celebs like Arnold Schwarzenegger and P Diddy, is to get a new performance monicker called Alpha to boost the brand's image.
Regarded by many as more relaxing than its super-crowded Chelsea rival, the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - to give it its full and regal monicker - really does have something for everyone.