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Resembling a string of beads, as the roots of certain plants or the antennae of certain insects.

[Latin monīle, necklace + -form.]

mo·nil′i·form′ly adv.


(Biology) biology shaped like a string of beads: moniliform fungi.
[C19: from New Latin monīliformis, from Latin monīle necklace + forma shape]


(moʊˈnɪl əˌfɔrm)

characterized by a series of swellings that resemble a string of beads, as certain plant stems or insect antennae.
[1795–1805; < Latin monīli- (comb. form of monīle necklace) + -form]
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Duckling toxicology and the production of fumonisin and moniliform in by isolates in the A and F mating populations of Gibberella fujikuroi (Fusarium moniliforme).
The moniliform Tps of TCs were obviously observed after passages, with the alternation of thin segments (podomers) and dilated portions (podoms) [Figure 1]b.
possessing alleles from both clades 3 and 4) possess moniliform tubers
53 the eye length; postocular lobe narrow; antennomeres 1, 3-4 filiform, 2 moniliform, 5-10 eccentric, 11 pointed apically; antennomeres 3-4 shorter than 2, 5-6 and 11 about as long as wide, 7-10 wider than long; antennae reaching humerus.
The lesions appear as a small flesh coloured papules along the margin of upper and lower eyelid12 also known as moniliform blepharosis'.
antennata Savigny, 1822, the antennae are more markedly moniliform, the prostomium is more prominent and the peristomium does not cover the eyes.