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1. Of, relating to, or performed by monitors.
2. Monitory.

mon′i·to′ri·al·ly adv.


(ˌmɒn ɪˈtɔr i əl, -ˈtoʊr-)

1. of or pertaining to a monitor.
mon`i•to′ri•al•ly, adv.
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Deuze, Mark (2008): "The Changing Context of News Work: Liquid Journalism and Monitorial Citizenship".
By fostering public engagement, open data shifts the relationship between state and citizen from a monitorial to a collaborative one, centered around using information to solve problems together.
We tend to think of the advent of political polling, fact-checking, and watchdog organizations as key players in this new monitorial culture.
A return to what appears to be the monitorial system, where much of the student's time is spent emulating not so much a sponge (trying to absorb concepts and skills, as is true today) as emulating a teacher, a tutor, since--I think we've all experienced this--we often really understand something only after we've had to teach or explain it to someone else.
The Bell System, also known as the Lancastrian Method and Monitorial Method, was an educational innovation credited to Andrew Bell and Joseph Lancaster.
Why would the subjects of monitorial scrutiny not simply communicate with each other and with the public directly, avoiding all dealings with news reporters?
See John Zaller, A New Standard of News Quality: Burglar Alarm for the Monitorial Citizen, 20 POL.
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The establishment of pediatric reference intervals for tumor biomarkers will aid in harnessing the true predictive, diagnostic, and monitorial potential of tumor markers in a pediatric population.
The president acknowledges the importance of the media role during such situation and I agree with him that the media should be collaborative and facilitative, monitorial and also play the watchdog part," Bak quoted president Kiir as saying.
Si las reformas a los sistemas de ensenanza en America, empezaron con la introduccion del modo mutuo o monitorial preconizado y propagado con el apoyo del Libertador en Venezuela, por Bell y Lancaster, mas la introduccion por medio de los alemanes en 1875 en la Normales del pais de los metodos de Pestalozzi, basados en la intuicion y en la contemplacion directa de los objetos para oponerlos a los sistemas memoristasy verbalistas existentes, hecho este que constituyo la 2 etapa de la revolucion pedagogica entre nosotros; la tercera epoca dice el doctor Julio Cesar Garcia, esta marcada por la llegada del doctor Decroly a Colombia en 1925, quien visito el pais traido por el Gimnasio Moderno de Bogota, Instituto este fundado por Dn.
Joseph Lancaster's Monitorial System of Instruction and American Indian Education, 1815-1838.

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