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1. One that admonishes, cautions, or reminds, especially with respect to matters of conduct.
2. A pupil who assists a teacher in routine duties.
a. A usually electronic device used to record, regulate, or control a process or system.
b. A video display or speaker used in a production studio to check audio or video quality: The sound engineer detected a hiss on the monitor.
c. Computers A device that accepts video signals from a computer and displays information on a screen; a video display.
4. Computers A program that observes, supervises, or controls the activities of other programs.
5. An articulated device holding a rotating nozzle with which a jet of water is regulated, used in mining and firefighting.
a. A heavily ironclad warship of the 19th century with a low, flat deck and one or more gun turrets.
b. A modern warship designed for coastal bombardment.
v. mon·i·tored, mon·i·tor·ing, mon·i·tors
1. To check the quality or content of (an electronic audio or visual signal) by means of a receiver.
2. To check by means of an electronic receiver for significant content, such as military, political, or illegal activity: monitor a suspected criminal's phone conversations.
3. To keep track of systematically with a view to collecting information: monitor the bear population of a national park; monitored the political views of the people.
4. To test or sample, especially on a regular or ongoing basis: monitored the city's drinking water for impurities.
5. To keep close watch over; supervise: monitor an examination.
6. To direct.
To act as a monitor.

[Latin, from monēre, to warn; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

mon′i·tor·ship′ n.
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Jennifer is a certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with significant experience in compliance and investigation matters, including recent work in connection with a New York Department of Financial Services monitorship evaluating a bank's AML program.
The monitorship was part of a non-prosecution agreement and settlement the company reached with the Justice Department after a corporate officer was indicted in a kickback scandal.
For example, the DPAs signed respectively with French companies Technip (7) and Total (8) both provided that the transmittal of information and documents obtained during the monitorship should comply with the blocking statute and be made through mutual legal assistance requests to the appropriate French authority.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 13, 2017-Western Union, Arizona AG complete monitorship along US Southwest border
A global authority on regulatory compliance, the company also oversees some of the world's most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors, including the monitorship of HSBC.
The analysis that follows centres on the satellite images recorded by various international agencies of the brutal final weeks of the war as forms of remote monitorship that represent, both metaphorically and materially, the hovering, telescopic oversight of international justice over a seemingly obscure war.
MOFA also demanded declaring Israeli settler organizations as terrorists and wanted for justice, in addition to the need for monitorship over the issue of the Abu Shamsiyya family.
Exiger was initially launched to lead the court-appointed monitorship of HSBC - the largest, most comprehensive monitorship to date.
The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) is announcing BNPP has agreed to, among other things, terminate or separate from the bank 13 employees, including the Group Chief Operating Officer and other senior executives; suspend US dollar clearing operations through its New York Branch and other affiliates for one year for business lines on which the misconduct centered; extend for two years the term of a monitorship put in place in 2013, and pay a monetary penalty to DFS of $2.
The Department of Justice said that the court didn't abuse its power by appointing the external monitor, and Apple must show it will suffer 'irreparable harm' if the monitorship isn't put on hold.
The monitorship should never have been imposed in the first place, and the burden and intrusion the monitor is imposing on Apple cannot be remedied after the fact if the company prevails on appeal," Apple said in a filing on Friday.
If anything, Apple's reaction to the existence of a monitorship underscores the wisdom of its imposition.