n. pl. monk·er·ies Often Offensive
1. Monastic life or practices.
2. Monks considered as a group.
3. A monastery.


n, pl -eries
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) monastic life or practices
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a monastery or monks collectively


(ˈmʌŋ kə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. the mode of life of monks; monastic life.


1. Often Contemptuous. thecustoms, practices, etc., of monks.
2. a group or community of monks.
3. a monastery.
See also: Monks and Nuns


 monks collectively, 1549; monkdom, 1883; monk-ship, 1620.
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Is there anything stirring in the monkery, more than com- mon?
There was then in the abbey [of Seuilly] a claustral monk called Friar John of the Funnels, young, gallant, frisk, lusty, nimble, quick, active, bold, adventurous, resolute, tall, lean, wide-mouthed, long-nosed, a rare mumbler of matins, unbridler of masses and runnerover of vigils; and to conclude summarily in a word, a right monk, if ever there were any, since the monking world monked a monkery.
Italian scientist Dr Fulvia Seccareccia says high veg consumption is why poor Albanians live so long and the French appear to be able to off-set their high fat diet, Gauloise fags and general cheese monkery.
When Rogers preached on the need for heightened strictness of life, some suspicious listeners accused him of "bringing in of Monkery againe.
It can no longer be called in question," he wrote, that "authority in magistrates and obedience of citizens can be grounded on reason, morality, and the Christian religion, without [succumbing to] the monkery of priests or the knavery of politicians"--or other forms of "ecclesiastical or civil tyranny.
Some names are more bizarre, such as The Snakepit, Drunkards Ease, Dunrobbin, Monkery Bottom and The Mad House.
Ariana Lallone was a Prodigal Son--class siren in the tavern seduction scene, with Sterling Kekoa making a mockery of monkery.
No monkery in Islam," the Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said, and in any case a monastic withdrawal from the world would not be in keeping with his religion.