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n. Slang
often monkeyshines A mischievous or playful trick; a prank: laughed at my daughter's monkeyshines.


a prank or trick


(ˈmʌŋ kiˌʃaɪn)

Usu., monkeyshines. monkey business (def. 1).
[1820–30, Amer.]
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Slang. A mischievous act.Often used in plural:
Informal: shenanigan.
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He performed a hat-trick of dates at Middlesbrough Town Hall three years ago and was due to headline the Monkeyshine comedy festival in Stewart Park in July before the event was cancelled.
Losha - poetry, dance, shadow play and puppetry about a magical creature by pioneering Irish company Monkeyshine (Blue Orange Theatre).
Further, criminal charges were not recommended for the financial monkeyshine as the Royal Commission determined the question to be outside its jurisdiction.
Do you suppose this bit of monkeyshine could have influenced your judgment in any way?
AD tickets for the cancelled Monkeyshine comedy festival?
The Monkeyshine Comedy Festival was due to have taken place in Stewart Park, Middlesbrough later this month.
FEARS have been raised over the future of Middlesbrough's Monkeyshine comedy festival, which was set to be headlined by Jason Manford.
Jason Manford, Chris Ramsey, Stewart Francis, Tom Stade and Seann Walsh have all been added to the bill of Monkeyshine - a huge comedy festival in Stewart Park, Middlesbrough, on July 16 and 17.
Stewart Park, Middlesbrough, will be the venue for Monkeyshine - a two-day event set to take place in July.