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n. pl. monkfish or monk·fish·es

[Perhaps from the cowled appearance of its head.]
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n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) Also called (US): goosefish any of various anglers of the genus Lophius
2. (Animals) another name for the angel shark
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(ˈæŋ glər)

1. a person who fishes with a hook and line.
2. a person who tries to get something through scheming.
3. any of various large-mouthed marine fishes of the family Lophiidae, having a wormlike lure dangling from the head for attracting prey.
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Noun1.monkfish - flesh of a large-headed anglerfish of the Atlantic waters of North America
angler fish, anglerfish, goosefish, Lophius Americanus, lotte, allmouth, monkfish, angler - fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey
saltwater fish - flesh of fish from the sea used as food
2.monkfish - fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring preymonkfish - fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey
family Lophiidae, Lophiidae - large-headed marine fishes comprising the anglers
acanthopterygian, spiny-finned fish - a teleost fish with fins that are supported by sharp inflexible rays
monkfish - flesh of a large-headed anglerfish of the Atlantic waters of North America
3.monkfish - sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks domonkfish - sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do
shark - any of numerous elongate mostly marine carnivorous fishes with heterocercal caudal fins and tough skin covered with small toothlike scales
genus Squatina, Squatina - type genus of the Squatinidae: angel sharks
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[ˈmʌŋkfɪʃ] (monkfish or monkfishes (pl)) Nrape m, pejesapo m
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nSeeteufel m
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We soon discovered that they buy their fish virtually straight off the boats in port, and my main dish of monkfish had been landed just a few hours earlier.
There are also less traditional but equally tasty dishes such a beef tagine with sweet potatoes, peas and ginger and a tagine of monkfish, potatoes, tomatoes and black olives.
Monkfish tail wrapped in Serrano ham with sweet potato risotto Ingredients One large monkfish tail taken off the bone (ask your fish monger to prepare for you leaving you with two fillets) Six slices of quality Serrano ham 250g risotto 75g grated parmesan cheese Veg stock Two large sweet potatoes Unsalted butter Method Trim any excess from monkfish fillets season with salt, tightly wrap in cling film and refrigerate for two hours- this will draw out any moisture and firm up the fish.
FOR even more flavour, cook these monkfish skewers over charcoal to get good colour on the fish and a wonderful amount of charring.
A friend whose gastronomic opinion I trust implicitly told me that there were only two excellent fish restaurants in Paphos, so I wondered if The Monkfish, which has recently opened on the coast road, perhaps could be a third option?
Monkfish tail with Parma ham and cranberries "Quick and easy, the cranberries add a festive touch.
Jamie makes posh fish and chips, using mussels, clams and monkfish. Meanwhile Jimmy uses his DIY skills to construct a Japanese teppanyaki table for the garden.
SERVES FOUR INGREDIENTS: 8tbsp Vietnamese marinade (see below) 1.5kg monkfish tail on the bone, skinned and butterflied (ask your fishmonger to do this) 4 spring onions, finely sliced 4 sprigs of coriander, leaves only 4 sprigs of holy basil (Thai basil), leaves only A handful of toasted peanuts, chopped (optional) 1 lime, cut into wedges For the Vietnamese marinade: (Makes 150ml ) 2 garlic cloves, peeled A handful of coriander, stalks and all 5 kaffir lime leaves 1 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger, peeled 1 birdseye chilli, roughly chopped 2 lemongrass stalks, topped and tailed, roughly chopped A splash of Thai fish sauce (nam pla) Juice of 2 limes 50ml extra virgin olive oil METHOD: 1.
For more fish recipes visit MONKFISH MEDALLIONS WITH MEDITERRANEAN VEG STEW INGREDIENTS Serves 4-6 450-500g monkfish medallions 300g cooked new potato with the skin on 250g aubergine (1 medium) 250g cherry tomatoes 200g courgette (1 large) 4 garlic cloves (I grate mine at home but finely diced is good too) 1 medium red onion 50ml olive oil 1 pack tomato passata (390g) Salt and pepper Juice 1/2 lemon 1-2 tablespoons Italian mixed dried herbs METHOD 1.
After 2007, as foreign vessels left Brazilian waters, exploitation of slope areas off southeastern and southern Brazil continued principally through the development of an ongoing trawl fishery directed at three main stocks (monkfish Lophius gastrophysus, hake Merluccius hubbsi and codling Urophycis mystacea).