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Adj.1.monocarboxylic - containing one carboxyl group
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Normally, these resins are synthesized via an esterification reaction between epoxy resin and unsaturated monocarboxylic acid [11,12] (as seen in Scheme 1), and can be polymerized with styrene to form three dimensions structure with the presence of a radical agent [13], Although VE resins showed many advantages as seen above, these resin are also still keeping their disadvantage in brittle concept due to high crosslinking density [14], and limit them to high-performance applications.
The lowering of peak potential in monocarboxylic derivative may be due to the electron density resonance effect on the iron atom and its ferrocene/ferrocenium oxidation is facilitated as compared to that in pure ferrocene, Fig.
For instance, the 1,3-butylene glycol based derivative, monocarboxylic acid monoester, is an excellent plasticizer used in the production of PVC and other plastics.
The concentrations of the acids were 0.1356, 0.0678 and 0.0452 M for monocarboxylic acids (acetic acid), dicarboxylic acids (malic, tartaric, malonic, oxalic and succinic acids) and tricarboxylic acids (citric acid), respectively.
Colophony consists of diterpene monocarboxylic acids, the main one being abietic acid [2,3,4].
developed a polymeric plasticizer made from an aromatic acid source, a glycol, and a C4-C35 monocarboxylic acid, ester or anhydride.
Raw material Mass percentage Epoxy resin 30~45% Unsaturated monocarboxylic acid 5~20% Fire retardant 10~20% Catalyst 0.15~0.35% Polymerization inhibitor 0.01~0.09% Chemical cross-link agent 30~45% Table 2: Main characteristics of the chemical grouting material.
Quantitative analysis was also performed by GC/MS using a series of authentic compounds as external standards, for example, methyl caproate for monocarboxylic acids (MCAs), dimethyl adipate for dicarboxylic acids (DCAs) and tricarboxylic acids, and dimethyl phthalate for benzene carboxylic acids (BCAs).
The other compound: atractyloside is C-4 monocarboxylic (Figure 3(b)) [8].
Zhao, "Increase in the permeability of tonoplast of garlic (Allium sativum) by monocarboxylic acids," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
Ketones pass into neurons and glial cells through the conveyor monocarboxylic acids (MCT (monocarboxylic acid transporters)).
9,745,543 B2; Ecolab has been awarded a patent for a stabilized liquid enzyme composition that is comprised of an enzyme stabilizing agent (disodium camphodiacetate); and a combination of more than one enzymes comprising at least one protease, wherein the composition retains at least about 80% of its initial enzyme activity after 40 days at ambient temperature; and wherein the composition is substantially free of organic monocarboxylic acids, boric acid and borate salts.