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A person with monochromatism.


(ˌmɒnəʊˈkrəʊmæt) or


(Pathology) a person who perceives all colours as a single hue
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Noun1.monochromat - a person who is completely color-blindmonochromat - a person who is completely color-blind
color-blind person - a person unable to distinguish differences in hue
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The photograph had naturally been taken in black and white; and his memory, feeding on such images as this one, had begun to see his childhood in the same way, monochromat ically The colors of his history had seeped out of his mind's eye; now his other two eyes were assaulted by the vividness of the red tiles, the whiteness of the baked walls, the yellow-edged green of cactus leaves, the brilliance of the bougainvillaea creeper, the delicate white of jasmine petals.
Westall, "Detail preserving reproduction of color images for monochromats and dichromats," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol.
Typical Monochromats are able to interpret some designs correctly using perceived luminance contrast.