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A geologic structure in which all layers are inclined in the same direction.

mon′o·cli′nal adj.
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(ˌmɒn əˈklaɪn l)
1. noting, pertaining to, or composed of geologic strata dipping in only one direction.
[1835–45; mono- + Greek klin(ein) to incline + -al1]
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Adj.1.monoclinal - of a geological structure in which all strata are inclined in the same directionmonoclinal - of a geological structure in which all strata are inclined in the same direction
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
inclined - at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position; "an inclined plane"
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The Basin is divided into two arc shaped major tectonic zones namely Sulaiman fold belt and Sulaiman foredeep and a monoclinal zone called as the Punjab Monocline.
Se determino que la actualizacion del modelo estructural de las acumulaciones de gas, ratifica la presencia de un monoclinal con un buzamiento de 5 a 10[grados] S-SO.
The Lianghekou Tunnel has a simple monoclinal structure composed of hard fine-grained quartz and sandstone.
The target area is a southeast high, northwest low monoclinal structure with a strata dip angle of approximately 4~8[degrees].
The ground elevation of the test zone is +32.93-+33.08 m; the underground elevation is -642-636m; the coal seam strike approximates East-West (E-W), trending south; true dip is at 0[degrees]-3[degrees]; and monoclinal structure is high in the north and low in the south.
These include rockslides, rock falls, knee-shape structures, roof and wall structures, slip sheets and flaps, and constitute a monoclinal structure dipping between 30[degrees] to 60[degrees] W.