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A single crop species or cultivar grown as a monoculture.
v. mon·o·cropped, mon·o·crop·ping, mon·o·crops
To grow (a crop or cultivar) as a monocrop.
To grow a monocrop.
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Although the canopy height of the forage-type soybean typically exceeded 50 cm when planted as a monocrop, its competitiveness when intercropped with forage sorghum was not as great since sorghum plants were approximately four-fold taller.
Under his watch, President Aquino opened almost 730,000 hectares of ancestral land to mining, monocrop plantations, economic zones, military camps and US bases.
This report compares aphid infestation on monocrop mustard with intercrop treatments using artemisia, coriander, chamomile, fennel, or dill under field conditions in northern India.
Worse still, these images divert attention from more destructive upland development, such as monocrop plantations and mining.
The leaders of the Bagani are also known in facilitating the encroachment of 'developmental projects' such as agribusiness, monocrop plantations and mining in ancestral domains.
A longtime advocate of native or indigenous flora and fauna, Sarmiento says native trees are fast disappearing, due to many factors like deforestation, replacement by "invasive alien species" and monocrop plantations that propagate only commercially popular varieties, often non-natives.
The then dominant programs, Masagana 99 and Masaganang Maisan, were monocrop farming systems.
Highlighting the performance of the Mauritian economy, he said that it was a monocrop economy in the beginning when the only activity in the island was plantation of sugarcane.
In the past 30 years, political stability, a sound macroeconomic environment and a strong track record of implementing economic reforms allowed Mauritius to successfully transform itself from a monocrop economy into a diversified services-based middle income country with low levels of poverty.
33) compared to all other treatments but dry matter concentration was significantly higher in corn monocrop silage (34.