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A single crop species or cultivar grown as a monoculture.
v. mon·o·cropped, mon·o·crop·ping, mon·o·crops
To grow (a crop or cultivar) as a monocrop.
To grow a monocrop.
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These are:a) Use of diversified maize cropping systemsThis includes maize-legume intercropping, which research has shown reduces FAW incidence from 30 to 75 per cent as compared to monocrop. They noted promotion of diversified maize cropping system has the potential to decrease the need for pesticide application and also conserves natural enemies that can further reduce FAW population.
However, no entity is allowed to have a monocrop agriculture; commercial tree planting; water drilling; hunt, destroy, disturb or possess any plant or animal from the area without authorization; dump waste materials; use motorized equipment; mutilate, deface or destroy object of natural beauty, burial grounds, religious sites, artifacts and other objects belonging to cultural communities; damage roads and trails; squat or illegal occupation; mineral exploration; alter, remove, destroy, or deface boundary marks or signs, and exploit quarry and sand-and-gravel resources.
'The [lumad] schools are a hindrance to their plans because the people know that large-scale mining and logging operations and monocrop industrial plantations destroy the ancestral lands that provide the livelihood for the lumad.
ruziziensis seeds were manually sown at 2 cm deep in all monocrop systems, except in the broadcast seeding, in which the U.
Laura David, a physical oceanographer and professor at the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, raised concerns over the potential impact of the government's plan to convert 845 hectares of the island for agriculture, saying converting existing forests and wetlands with the dominantly practiced monocrop planting system would only aggravate the critical condition of a small island ecosystem such as Boracay.
The carrying capacity for Hanwoo heifers was not different among zero, 50 and 100 kg manure levels, whereas it was higher at 150 kg N/ha (P0.05) when compared with rye monoculture, whereas CP yield was higher in mixed forage than control but carrying capacity was higher (P0.05) between monocrop rye and rye-vetch mixed cultures.
"On average, smallholder farmers producing for Good Nature have increased production by 220% and incomes now average $382 per hectare - an increase of more than $250 on typical monocrop maize production.
Highlighting the performance of the Mauritian economy, he said that it was a monocrop economy in the beginning when the only activity in the island was plantation of sugarcane.
In the past 30 years, political stability, a sound macroeconomic environment and a strong track record of implementing economic reforms allowed Mauritius to successfully transform itself from a monocrop economy into a diversified services-based middle income country with low levels of poverty.
In Warren's diagnosis, this elite culture erects barriers to inclusive social development plans and makes the state copy or "monocrop" foreign economic institutions with disappointing results.
Sole soybean gave significantly higher lactic acid (3.57%) and pH of silage (4.33) compared to all other treatments but dry matter concentration was significantly higher in corn monocrop silage (34.34%) than other treatments.