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 (mŏ-nŏk′yə-lər, mə-)
1. Having or relating to one eye.
2. Of, relating to, or intended for use by only one eye: a monocular microscope.

[From Late Latin monoculus, having one eye; see monocle.]

mo·noc′u·lar·ly adv.
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(Physiology) having to do with or using only one eye
(Tools) a device for use with one eye, such as a field glass
[C17: from Late Latin monoculus one-eyed]
moˈnocularly adv
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(məˈnɒk yə lər)

1. having only one eye.
2. of, pertaining to, or for the use of only one eye.
3. a monocular instrument or device.
[1630–40; see monocle]
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a. monocular, rel. a un solo ojo.
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In 2010, FLIR released its first hand-held thermal monocular Scout product, the TS series.
During the clearing operation, the troops recovered two M1 Carbine rifles, one .22 caliber pistol, one anti-personnel mine with blasting cap, 30-meter electrical wires, three cartridges of 40mm, one grenade, three UHF commercial radios (Cignus), three magazines for Carbine rifles, 350 rounds of ammunition for Carbine rifles, five cellphones, two binoculars, monocular, sniper scope and seven backpacks.
The soldiers recovered a .22-caliber pistol, an anti-personnel mine with blasting cap, 30 meters of electrical wire, three cartridges of 40 mm, a hand grenade, three UHF commercial radios, three magazines for carbine rifles, 350 rounds of live ammunition for carbine rifles, five mobile phones, two binoculars, a monocular, one sniper scope and seven backpacks containing hammocks, personal belongings and documents.
Ergonomic and rugged, the Android-based wearable computer is enhanced with a monocular display and onboard processor, expandable memory, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities.
This technology is uniquely designed as it uses both monocular camera and millimetre wave radar for a more complete view of the road and as an added safety measure.
"Some forms of strabismus are thought to facilitate artistic work by suppressing the deviating eye, which creates two-dimensional monocular vision advantageous to painting and drawing" While having two eyes focused on an object (stereoscopic vision) is integral to our depth perception, it can make translating three-dimensional scenes to canvas more tricky, as each eye will be seeing objects slightly to the right or left.
The new FLIR Breach[R] multifunctional thermal monocular is built with hunters and tactical professionals in mind.
At the heart of the TNVC system is an unmodified, standard-issue, military-grade PVS-14 Night Vision monocular. Several versions are available from TNVC, and I tested the TNV/PVS-14 L3 Gen3 Un-Filmed White Phosphor model.
Phoria-myopia is described as a myopic shift at near fixation due to the contraction of the ciliary muscle while switching from monocular to binocular fixation.
Locate and retrieve game through heat detection with the Pulsar Helion Thermal Imaging Monocular. The detailed AMOLED display features eight color mode options and a high image frequency for a fluid viewing experience.
The patient also had sudden onset of recurrent stereotyped episodes of monocular blindness on his right eye two months ago.