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 (mŏn′ə-sĭk′lĭk, -sī′klĭk)
1. Having a single cycle, as of activity or development.
2. Biology Having a single whorl, as certain flowers and the shells of certain invertebrates.
3. Chemistry Having a molecular structure with only one ring.
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1. (Chemistry) Also: mononuclear (of a chemical compound) containing only one ring of atoms
2. (Botany) (of sepals, petals, or stamens) arranged in a single whorl
3. (Botany) (of a plant) having a life cycle that is completed in one year
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(ˌmɒn əˈsaɪ klɪk, -ˈsɪk lɪk)

1. having one cycle.
2. describing one ring of atoms in a molecule.
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A large number of 3-chloro monocyclic [beta]-lactam possesses powerful antimicrobial, anticancer [7], cytotoxic [8], anticonvulsant [9] and antitubercular [10] activities.
gigas as a species with a monocyclic spawning pattern, and egg-laying occurs in separate batches during the same spawning season, where ovary regeneration is not observed.
Aromatic amines can be classified into three types: monocyclic, polycyclic and heterocyclic (DeBruin and Josephy, 2002; Stellman, 1998).
The clinical course of adult Still's disease (AOSD) can be divided into three main patterns: monophasic (or monocyclic), intermittent, and chronic.
where PCA is polycyclic aromatics and MCA is monocyclic aromatics.
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OMWW contains an appreciable content of phenolic compounds, consisting of monocyclic aromatic molecules, such as tyrosol, catechol, and caffeic acid [3].
Finally, the band between 180 and 130 [cm.sup.-1] was referred to the framework of W[O.sub.3] atoms of crystalline monocyclic phase.
The analysis of chamomile flower extract showed the presence of several bioactive phytochemical components including pentadecanoic acid which is a palmitic acid methyl ester that was reported to have a potential antioxidant activity (Vijisaral and Arumugam, 2014); [alpha]-bisabolol (a monocyclic sesquiterpene alcohol) which was found to have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties (Kazemi, 2014) and 4,5,9,10-dehydro-isolongifolene, a sesquiterpene with potent antioxidant properties (Rangasamy and Namasivayam, 2014).
coli had highest resistance to penicillin and first generation cephalosporin followed by to second and third generation cephalosporins and monocyclic lactams.