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 (mŏn′ə-dăk′təl) Zoology
adj. also mon·o·dac·ty·lous (-tə-ləs)
Having only one digit on each extremity.
An animal having only one digit on each extremity.

mon′o·dac′ty·ly n.


An animal having only one toe, digit or claw on each limb.
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Vespersaurus walked upright on two legs, but in each of its three-toed feet, it balanced its weight on one long clawed toe that sits in between two other toes, making the reptile a monodactyl.
Over time, the three species shifted from tridactyl to monodactyl distal limb anatomy, with the third metacarpal becoming prominent.
The quick, social horse ancestor would eventually become a true monodactyl, or one-toed animal.