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 (mŏn′ə-dăk′təl) Zoology
adj. also mon·o·dac·ty·lous (-tə-ləs)
Having only one digit on each extremity.
An animal having only one digit on each extremity.

mon′o·dac′ty·ly n.


(Zoology) (of certain animals) having a single functional digit
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The characteristics of these cases were concordant with the symbrachydactyly type III or monodactylous type, when classified according to the scheme proposed by Blauth and Gekeler (1973).
The six cases presented here show remarkable similarities with each other and were concordant with symbrachydactyly type III or monodactylous type;5 the hallmark of this type is the absence of all fingers other than the thumb, including parts of the metacarpals.
The diagnostic characters of Perscheloribates are as following: rostrum rounded; lamellae well developed; prolamellae present, absent or partially developed; translamellar lines usually absent, but rarely incompletely present; interlamellar setae long; sensilli with dilated head; pteromorphs immovable; notogaster with 10 pairs of setae or their alveoli; four pairs of sacculi on notogaster; four pairs of genital setae; lyrifissures iad adanal; legs monodactylous (e.g., Hammer 1973; Corpuz-Raros 1980).