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 (mŏn′ə-drä′mə, -drăm′ə)
A dramatic composition written for one performer.

mon′o·dra·mat′ic (-drə-măt′ĭk) adj.


(Theatre) a play or other dramatic piece for a single performer
ˌmonodraˈmatic adj


(ˈmɒn əˌdrɑ mə, -ˌdræm ə)

n., pl. -mas.
a dramatic piece for only one performer.
mon`o•dra•mat′ic (-drəˈmæt ɪk) adj.


a drama written for one actor or character. — monodramatic, adj.
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The theater will fade into history once Yoon Suk-hwa's farewell monodrama performance "Letter to a Daughter" slated for June 11 to 22 wraps up.
Basra / NINA /- The events of the Basra Festival began (the first monodrama) with local, Arab and foreign participation in the hall of the governorate building with the participation of more than 150 artistic personalities, continuing until the thirteenth of this month.
Little has earned widespread acclaim for his operas "Dog Days," "JFK" and "Vinkensport" (librettos by Royce Vavrek), as well as his monodrama "Soldier Songs." His music for orchestra, choir, string quartet and contemporary ensemble has been premiered by the London Sinfonietta, eighth blackbird, the Kronos Quartet and The Crossing.
The United Solo is the world's largest monodrama theatre festival showcasing the world's top notch productions by renowned artists.
For his part, Cairo Monodrama Festival President Oussema Raouf pointed out that the art of storytelling is considered one of the first theatrical expressions held in the fields and in the evenings before becoming a written theatrical form.
NNA - The "Istanbouli Theater" and the "Tiro Art Society" in the southern city of Tyre opened Saturday the first edition of the International Theater Festival of Women's Monodrama in Lebanon, coinciding with International Women's Day in tribute to women's strength in art and theater.
FILE - Monodrama performance CAIRO - 28 February 2019: Seven Arab and foreign plays will compete in the International Women Monodrama Festival's first edition in Lebanon.
Dwight Culler once wrote of Alfred Lord Tennyson's verse monodrama. In precisely the same vein, Culler encouraged readers of Tennyson's dramatic monologue "Ulysses" to "[i]magine Ulysses seated disconsolate," suggesting that if only "one had not been conditioned by a century and a half of silent reading, of deliberately playing down the metrical and rhetorical effects of poetry, one would understand ...
'Salbiyat Ismael' won three awards at the international monodrama festival held in Tunisia recently, he added.
He starred in the Marie Jones monodrama A Night in November in the Tricycle theatre in London and again in the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.
Of the pieces presented, let us mention at least the monodrama My Life Without Me sung by soprano Laura Aikin with the osterreichisches ensemble fur neue musik conducted by Johannes Kalitzke, the orchestral Eighteen Agents and No Night No Land No Sky (Munchener Kammerorchesier, cond.