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 (mŏn′ə-drä′mə, -drăm′ə)
A dramatic composition written for one performer.

mon′o·dra·mat′ic (-drə-măt′ĭk) adj.
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(Theatre) a play or other dramatic piece for a single performer
ˌmonodraˈmatic adj
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(ˈmɒn əˌdrɑ mə, -ˌdræm ə)

n., pl. -mas.
a dramatic piece for only one performer.
mon`o•dra•mat′ic (-drəˈmæt ɪk) adj.
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a drama written for one actor or character. — monodramatic, adj.
See also: Drama
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It's not that monodramas can't achieve gripping theatre: Schoenberg countered that notion with Erwartung, as Poulenc did, too, five decades later, with La uoix humaine.
The post Series of monodramas come to the stage appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Love Is the Message arrives toward the end of "Picture Industry," after Douglas's Monodramas (shown on '90s TV monitors) and Frazier's Flint Is Family (2016), which is represented via two platforms: a nearly twelve-minute video and a spread in Elle magazine, accompanied by related contact sheets and page proofs.
Monodramas, Nonfiction Writings, and Verse Dramas: A Unified Aesthetic
(Think here of the immediacy of monodramas by Okwui Okpokwasili, Lenelle Moise, Taylor Mac.)
The two plays in We Are All Blue by Botswanan American writer-performer Donald Molosi both began life as monodramas. The first play, Blue, Black, and White (2011), was subsequently expanded for a six-person ensemble.
Like many other theatre professionals who decide to relocate to another country, her initial plan was to further her career on the same path, "to create nonverbal monodramas and tour them in many, many countries" (Humsi, Phone interview).
(2) It is therefore worth returning to Abbott & Cordova, Stan Douglas's first public artwork since Television Spots (1988) and Monodramas (1991).
It consists of four monodramas played by Sevinc Erbulak, Erdem Akakce, Sermet YeE-il and Serkan AltyntaE-.
The 15th edition of the Festival of Tales and Monodramas will take place from March 11-16 at Theatre Monnot .
Thirteen monodramas by international actors, writers, and directors will be held throughout the festival.
Eight international translators have been awarded grants to attend the five-day workshop, which will work on finding the best way to translate Arabic theatrical texts - plays and monodramas - into English and French.