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also mo·ne·cious  (mə-nē′shəs)
1. Botany Having unisexual reproductive organs or flowers, with the organs or flowers of both sexes borne on a single plant, as in pines and corn (maize).
2. Biology Relating to or exhibiting hermaphroditism; hermaphroditic.

[New Latin Monoecia, class name : mono- + Greek oikiā, dwelling; see weik- in Indo-European roots.]

mo·noe′cism (mə-nē′sĭz′əm) n.
mo·noe′cy (-sē) n.


(mɒˈniːʃəs) or




1. (Botany) (of some flowering plants) having the male and female reproductive organs in separate flowers on the same plant
2. (Biology) (of some animals and lower plants) hermaphrodite
[C18: from New Latin monoecia, from mono- + Greek oikos house]
moˈnoeciously, moˈneciously adv


or mo•ne•cious

(məˈni ʃəs)

1. having the stamens and the pistils in separate flowers on the same plant.
2. having both male and female organs in the same individual; hermaphroditic.
[1755–65; < New Latin (Linnaeus) Monoeci(a) name of the group of monoecious plants (Greek mon- mon- + oîk(os) house + New Latin -ia -ia) + -ous]
mo•noe′cious•ly, adv.
mo•noe′cism (-sɪz əm) mo•noe′cy, n.


Having separate male flowers and female flowers on the same plant. Maize and oaks are monoecious plants. Compare dioecious.


A term that indicates that male and female flowers are produced separately, but on the same plant.
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Adj.1.monoecious - having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animalmonoecious - having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal
dioecian, dioecious - having male and female reproductive organs in separate plants or animals
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This is true if the flowers have any adaptations for the avoidance of selfing: spatial (intrafloral herkogamy, monoecious or dioecious dicliny; Webb and Lloyd, 1986) or temporal (dichogamy: protandry, protogyny; Lloyd and Webb, 1986) separation of stigma and pollen presentation, or self incompatibility.
e(v)] when allele frequency drift is viewed as occurring at two stages during sampling in monoecious species: sampling of parents from the reference population and sampling of gametes from these parents.
We studied the influence of viability mutations on the mean extinction time for randomly mating monoecious populations growing in discrete generations.
Even more important in monoecious species is the definition of the selection unit.
Both plant species are monoecious obligate outcrossers.
Vencovsky (1978) and Crossa and Vencovsky (1997) present several situations for the two-stage sampling of monoecious species.
For monoecious or true functional hermaphroditic molluscs as are some Pectinidae, triploidy effects have been extensively studied (Ruiz-Verdugo et al.
Cucumber is considered as a model plant for studying sex determination (Malepszy and Niemirowicz-Szczytt, 1991), therefore as plant material in this study we chose monoecious cultivar of cucumber, producing both male and female flowers on the same plant.
Written in beautifully simple prose with touches of humor (a skunk named FreshBakedBread), Wishtree is full of botanical information--Red is monoecious or both male and female.