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Adj.1.monoestrous - having one estrous cycle per year
estrous - (of lower mammals) showing or in a state of estrus; in heat; "the estrous state"; "the estrous cycle"
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For example, monoestrous patterns have been observed in commonly "polyestrous" species, such as A.
One issue that remains unclear is whether a monoestrous species is physiologically capable of a switch to polyestrous cycle.
With regard to the reproductive patterns established for tropical bats, four categories are described: i) non-seasonal polyestrous: year-round reproduction with no restricted breeding season; ii) seasonal polyestrous: reproduction during most of the year, with a short period of sexual inactivity; iii) bimodal polyestrous: restricted breeding season, with two birth peaks; iv) seasonal monoestrous: with one restricted breeding season (FLEMING et al., 1972; MARINHO-FILHO, 2003).
Those for nonvolant mammals were continual polyestrous (10 species, 28.6%), seasonal polyestrous (4, 11.4%), and seasonal monoestrous (3, 8.6%).
Wild canids such as wolves and coyotes express only one estrus annually and are classified as monoestrous species.