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A single strand of untwisted synthetic fiber, especially nylon, used especially for fishing line.


(ˌmɒnəˈfɪləmənt) or


1. (Textiles) synthetic thread or yarn composed of a single strand rather than twisted fibres
2. (Angling) a fishing line made of monofilaments


(ˌmɒn əˈfɪl ə mənt)

also mon•o•fil

(ˈmɒn əˌfɪl)

a single, generally large filament of synthetic fiber.
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Furthermore, with a control of PDS II[R] sutures in history the intervention group received Vicryl plus[R] sutures, a material different in structure (monofil versus braided) and resorption (210 versus 70 days).
Three to four monofil sutures were used to fix the intestine to the small ePTFE flaps at the orifice of the mesh (Figure 1).
The colostomy openings were fixed to the skin with full-thickness sutures of PDS II (monofil 6-0 3/8c, Ethicon, Germany) in a way that a blocking loop colostomy was created (Figure 1(c)).
Performance Monofil Multifil Output * Blocking * Residual moisture * of cake Dropping of cake * Operational life span * Retention * A.
The Monofil nano-clay is first blended into the PP, and then the PS is added, which "hides" from the incompatible PP in the spaces between the exfoliated layers of clay.
SEASIDERS are chasing a 7ft (2.10m) one-piece Ugly Stik braid boat rod worth pounds 130, designed for deepsea fans who are switching from monofil nylon to non-stretch braid for increased striking power and more line on the spool.