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A single strand of untwisted synthetic fiber, especially nylon, used especially for fishing line.
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(ˌmɒnəˈfɪləmənt) or


1. (Textiles) synthetic thread or yarn composed of a single strand rather than twisted fibres
2. (Angling) a fishing line made of monofilaments
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(ˌmɒn əˈfɪl ə mənt)

also mon•o•fil

(ˈmɒn əˌfɪl)

a single, generally large filament of synthetic fiber.
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Monofilament microsynthetic fibers are Ny-Pro and Ny-Tuf fine and standard denier monofilament nylon; and, FiberForce 100 and 150 ultra-thin and standard monofilament polypropylene.
Comparing of catching efficiency of monofilament and multifilament trammel nets in Iskenderun Bay.
LAS VEGAS -- A monofilament suture led to substantially fewer wound complications than a braided suture for closing nonemergency cesarean incisions in a head-to-head trial with 520 evaluable women.
Monofilament tests have been widely used in clinical practice for DPN screening owing to their availability and convenience [11].
It is not too surprising that experts believe clear monofilament is one of the most versatile lines you can use if you're looking for something that will be near-invisible to fish in most situations, while heavy braided lines are considered to be the most visible.
(4) Monofilament testing and voluntary muscle testing (VMT) are two established tests for assessing sensory and motor functions of peripheral nerves respectively.
Steffen Husfeldt, who has been successfully managing the Chemnitz site for decades said: With our investment in the new technology center, we are underlining the fact that our innovative power in the area of tape and monofilament systems is being concentrated, and consequently sustainably anchored, here in Chemnitz."
The researchers noted that while 15 years ago monofilament dominated the market, the scene has shifted dramatically.
For our standard setup, we attach each dredge via a crimped-on ball bearing snap swivel to approximately 50 feet of 300-pound-test monofilament that is stored on a coiler or hand fishing "yo-yo."
The new company will operate under the name Reimotec Winding Technology as part of the business unit Reimotec, thus completing the Reimotec product range of monofilament, artificial turf and strapping tape lines.