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A person who knows only one language.
Knowing only one language; monolingual.

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1. having command of a single language
2. written in, composed of, or containing a single language
a person with command of a single language
[C20: from mono- + Greek glōtta tongue]
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(ˈmɒn əˌglɒt)

1. knowing only one language; monolingual.
2. composed in only one language.
3. a person with a knowledge of only one language.
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a person capable of speaking only one language.
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A. ADJmonolingüe
B. Nmonolingüe mf
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She would rather see more taxpayers' money spent on house building projects in the area than promoting our own language, in order for what I ask - to allow more monoglot English speakers from Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool etc to snap them up at the expense of our own people who more often than not are priced out of the market and unable to compete.
If not, will monoglot speakers of these tongues also be forced to learn English.
There is a worrying decline in the amount of Welsh spoken in what were once monoglot Welsh communities.
Incidentally, the problem seems to extend to monoglot Welsh speakers who are unable to understand "Dim Beicio"!
That is to say, his command of the relevant more strictly theological literature is sometimes annoyingly monoglot. But one cannot ask for everything.
Among subjects under discussion will be 'From PC to Lunacy' and 'Monoglot or Polyglot'.
The introduction is by David Trotter, who polemically takes to task monoglot medievalists (particularly scholars of multilingualism and literary theorists): 'The present volume shows only too clearly that medievalists cannot be permitted simply not to bother with "difficult languages", still less to remain monoglot' (p.
It's all part of their "crisis measures to tackle the huge in-migration of monoglot English-speakers to Welsh-speaking areas".
In all the years I have lived in Wales I have never met a Welsh person over the age of seven who is monoglot Welsh speaking.
Mr Ewart Smith (Western Mail, February 16) claims to have had monoglot cousins in Cardiganshire who decided because of the inward migration of non-Welsh-speakers that they would have to learn English.
If he would care to examine what monoglot English-speakers are unable to do in the parts of Wales with the highest concentrations of Welsh-speakers with what Welsh-speakers are unable to do anywhere at all, then he would surely admit that the scales of injustice are highly weighted on one side.
The fact that Gwynfor was a monoglot English speaker at school was confirmed to me by a fellow pupil of his, that is, by my former colleague at Cardiff's UWIST - William P Beddoe 1912-2008.