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A scholarly piece of writing of essay or book length on a specific, often limited subject.
tr.v. mon·o·graphed, mon·o·graph·ing, mon·o·graphs
To write a monograph on.

mo·nog′ra·pher (mə-nŏg′rə-fər) n.
mon′o·graph′ic adj.
mon′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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The show was apparently intended as a monographic overview of Hofer's interiors, not a survey of her entire body of work.
Boerema, de Gruyter, Noordeloos, and Hamers (all Plant Protection Service, Wageningen, The Netherlands) present a monographic study based on years of research conducted in the diagnostic mycological section of the Dutch Plant Protection Service.
In this most recent collection of essays on the Renaissance portrait medal, twelve leading international scholars explore topics ranging from monographic investigations of fifteenth-century Italian artists to the theoretical codification of propaganda medals in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century France.
All in all, the collection is useful in opening up some important lines for synthetic work: considering in one sweep the domains of penology and welfare, setting side by side monographic contributions from national studies that speak to each other, and essaying some substantively comparative studies.
21.10 26.33 39.91 20.92 123.08 Monographic Series 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 Items 147 60 46 45 28 Total 10136.95 4144.30 3490.80 2673.15 2515.30 Mean 68.96 69.07 75.89 59.40 89.83 High 237.60 635.00 600.00 160.00 960.00 Low 8.50 10.00 14.50 10.00 12.95 S.D.
The SPORT Database contains bibliographic records, many with abstracts, of serial and monographic literature in the areas of sport, recreation, exercise physiology, sports medicine, coaching, physical fitness, as well as the psychology, history and sociology of sports, training and conditioning.
IT SHOULD NOT surprise us that the first major monographic study of the work of Cy Twombly would come to us from France: After all, Twombly's reputation was established earlier and more exuberantly in Europe than in the United States (for example, Pierre Restany wrote on the artist as early as 1961).
Each defines or redefines some unfamiliar passage or aspect of the human landscape from the vantage point of nineteenth-century France, citing recent monographic literature and archival sources in equal abundance.
Informed by detailed study of music classification schemes drawn from a variety of countries and cultures, a set of eleven categories was developed to accommodate the bibliographical forms represented in the data set.(1) These categories are: monographs, monographic series, monumental editions, keyboard solos, instrumental solos, instrumental ensembles, vocal solos, vocal ensembles, full scores, vocal scores, and miniature scores.
This single CD provides access to records from research articles and reports, commentaries, review essays, obituaries, and articles drawn from journals, edited works, and edited works in monographic series.