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Davlatali Davlatzoda's monography 'Muslims: A True History of Rise and Decline', dedicated to the history of the formation and development of the Muslim community and the contribution of Muslims to the development of world civilization, was published on Tajik language in Dushanbe in 2017 and attracted the attention of many researchers and readers.
The final sample consisted of 26 materials, between papers and final works of postgraduate studies (dissertation and monography).
It is the first monography of the monument worthy of the monument's historical and artistic value.
There is only one mention of Jews in the monography about Batovce from 1970 in 1919 there were 33 mentions.
It seems that in today's profound migratory crisis experienced by the countries of the European Union and Norway, this monography is of particular relevance, presenting a palette of live voices of immigrants from Russia, in whose biographical histories the concept of dialogue between cultures becomes very real.
The dissolution study is extremely important in assessing the performance of a solid pharmaceutical formulation and considering that the literature does not report any study regarding the dissolution profile of DAPA and that there is no pharmacopoeial method approved for dissolution evaluation, the aim of this work was to develop and validate a dissolution methodology to ensure the quality of the tablets in the market and serve as a guidance for a future pharmacopoeial monography. The quantification was carried out by UV-Vis spectrophotometry due to its high throughput capacity and low cost that were considered as great advantages for employment in routine quality control laboratories.
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Cao published the first monography of fuzzy geometric programming as applied optimization.
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