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An insurance company that specializes in guaranteeing the timely repayment of bond principal and interest in the event of default.

[From the fact that such companies have only one line of business or field of activity.]
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ClearPath Mutual is a monoline workers' compensation insurance carrier with approximately 7,300 policyholders and nearly $54 million in premiums.
Berkley Corporation is an insurance holding company that is among the largest commercial lines writers in the United States and operates worldwide in two segments of the property casualty insurance business: Insurance and Reinsurance & Monoline Excess.
Berkley is a large commercial lines writer in the US and globally and operates in two segments of the property casualty insurance business: Insurance and Reinsurance & Monoline Excess.
The ratings are constrained by the company's monoline and geographically concentrated business model and reliance on wholesale funding with high encumbrance of assets.
The unit is to offer bespoke monoline environmental liability coverage programmes.
Oak Ridge, TN, January 06, 2018 --( Appalachian Underwriters, Inc., a leading insurance wholesale outlet, has developed a Monoline Sewer Back-up and Sump Pump Overflow product, exclusive to appointed agents.
Pie chose workers' comp, Swigart said, because it's required of all employees except owners and it's the most monoline purchase.
The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority continues to negotiate with its monoline bond insurers with the aim of reaching a contract on a consensual recovery plan among all of its major financial stakeholders.
"I really am very pleased that we are not a monoline auto company," Fishman said at a Bank of America Corp.
The stand-alone credit profile of b1 reflects Bisa Leasing's adequate capitalization and asset quality metrics as well as its monoline business structure, the highly-competitive small and developing leasing market in Bolivia in which it does business and its reliance on highly-sensitive market funding.
"Most financial guaranty insurance business, both municipal and corporate, is written by special purpose (monoline) insurers.