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Adv.1.monolingually - in a monolingual mannermonolingually - in a monolingual manner; "she had been reared monolingually"
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This raises the question of those employees who have proficiency in a LOTE and their ability and preparedness to engage with patients either as interlocutors communicating with them monolingually in LOTE, or as linguistic mediators interpreting for CALD patients and other English-speaking staff.
In contrast to Borges, Kafka, and Benjamin, whose Sancho Panza texts are all written monolingually, Tawada's play shifts back and forth between three languages.
In 1997 Werner Sollors called for a multilingual turn in American Studies, inviting scholars to notice the abundant literature written (monolingually) in the US in languages other than English.
I would argue strongly that it is not enough any longer, not because English will disappear any time soon as the dominant global language, but because increasingly those who are multilingual will be advantaged, in employment prospects and elsewhere, over those who are monolingually English.
These services could be operating monolingually (no Maori is spoken) or they could be using single words, such as those relating to numbers, colours, and directives.
The user has chosen an image for the icon, and the monolingually annotated icon is shown in the Created Icons area.
The participants' argument for the importance of first language challenged the assumption that English language teaching should be conducted monolingually through English.
Bilingual speech is found to be a consequence not of involuntary co-activation of equivalent or similar forms or of a lack of ability to speak monolingually. Instead, bilingual speech, in the context of semi-spontaneous discourse, is determined by speakers' employment of 'other--language' items which may signal re-positioning of roles and/or signal discourse-internal features.