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A molecule that can combine with other molecules to form a polymer.

mon′o·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.
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In vitro leishmanicidal activity of monomeric and dimeric naphtoquinones.
Edenol 9058 (DOZ) monomeric plasticizer used in applications such as film and decals offers superior low-temperature properties as well as permanence and weatherability.
In addition, Bayer MaterialScience has announced plans to further expand its MDI capacity through the construction of a facility for the production of polymeric and monomeric MDI from crude MDI in Caojing, China.
The synthesis of polymers containing electroactive pyrrole monomeric units on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) was undertaken.
Prior methods for linking a label to a nucleotide probe have generally utilized a single label attached to a nucleosidic monomeric unit, and then incorporating one or more of the nucleosidic monomeric units into the probe.
Solutions were sampled at a depth of 50 mm and analysed for total La by ICP-MS, total Al by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES), and monomeric Al by the colorimetric procedure of Kerven et al.
Monomeric anthocyanins were also protected against vitamin C degradation by the catechins, shown by a significant difference in end concentrations: 2.81 compared with 0.51 uM.
24 September 2013 - Cellectis Bioresearch, part of French genome engineering and genomic surgery company Cellectis SA (EPA:ALCLS), said yesterday it had introduced a monomeric Compact TALEN tool for transfection and genome editing in sensitive cells.
The rFVIIIFc molecule, which is based on Biogen Ideca[euro](tm)s novel and proprietary monomeric Fc- fusion technology, is being investigated for the potential to prolong protection from bleeding and reduce the frequency of injections for both prophylaxis and on-demand therapy in haemophilia A.
The long-acting rFIXFc product is based on Biogen Idec's proprietary monomeric Fc-fusion technology.
Product-focused articles cover formulation development, resin selection, special products, anti-degradants, colorants, fillers and reinforcements, monomeric and specialty plasticizers, formulations for flame resistance, impact modification, processing aids, lubricants, plastisol technology, expanded products, alloys and blends, smoke suppressants, and vinyl/wood composites.