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A verse consisting of a single metrical foot or one dipody.
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(Poetry) prosody a line of verse consisting of one metrical foot
monometrical, ˌmonoˈmetric adj
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(məˈnɒm ɪ tər)

a line of verse of one measure or foot.
[1840–50; < Late Latin: composed in one meter < Greek monómetros]
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It is worth noting that Zhukovsky also uses a six-line strophic structure with alternating line lengths, although the balladic rhythm is manifestly different from Chenier's ode (as from Lermontov's "Neighbor"), with two alternating iambic te trameter and monometer lines followed by a tetrameter couplet.
To quantify gas amounts, the overpressure in the headspaces of the bottles was measured with a digital precision monometer (GDH 200-13, Greisinger electronic, Germany) and normalized with the ambient pressure (data from ZAMG (Zentralanstalt fur Meterologie und Geodynamik, Austria)).
First, the material was defrosted and embedded in T208 resin (Cristal[R], styrene monometer, MEK TGDM 50 catalyst and dimethylamine) in a proportion suitable for hardening for approximately three minutes.
With patient sitting comfortably blood pressure was recorded using Mercury monometer. An appropriate cuff size was used.
dimeter and then monometer. (28) Even the body of the verse form
Depending on which of the five published versions one considers, the poem contains three or four stanzas, each of different lengths, with the dimeter of the opening stanzas yielding to the monometer of the final stanza.
"Alaskan Drinkin Song" is a single-stanza trochaic monometer quatrain with an abab rhyme scheme, and it's about an alcoholic who lives in specific location.
Intracranial pressure (ICP) is measured by ICP monometer but indirectly by clinical examination, pupillary reaction, Glasgow coma scale (GCS) status, pulse, BP monitoring and observing changes in breathing pattern.
He also suggests the monometer poem where the only rule is that each line consists only of two syllables as a good example of a poet on a diet (even as anorexic):
The study group patients had cuff pressures adjusted to within a range of 20-34cm[H.sub.2]O using a pressure monometer. The 273 control group patients demonstrated a higher incidence of postoperative sore throat (p= 0.03), hoarseness (p= 0.001) and blood streaked expectorations (p= 0.002) when compared to the 236 study group patients.
The gauge was calibrated through simultaneous measurement of pressure on partially evacuated systems with the vacuum gauge and a mercury-filled, open-end, U-tube monometer read to the nearest 0.1 mm Hg and corrected for temperature, latitude, and altitude.
Keeping Suman company all the time is his small bag containing a stethoscope, a monometer and pieces of paper which he uses to express his thoughts and feelings.