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A verse consisting of a single metrical foot or one dipody.


(Poetry) prosody a line of verse consisting of one metrical foot
monometrical, ˌmonoˈmetric adj


(məˈnɒm ɪ tər)

a line of verse of one measure or foot.
[1840–50; < Late Latin: composed in one meter < Greek monómetros]
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Request for quotations : purchase of monometers, ies-pf, communication systems
(10.) Nonbranching intonational phrases (monometers) are very rare in Greek and never constitute runs, systems, or the like.
Tenders are invited for Erection of new refractory lining in convertors, monometers and other jobs at cast house (i-11147a).
Monometers of a caliber 82 mm enemy used during shelling of the reference points of the Ukrainian military near Trinity and Svitlodarskaya.
Also, the enemy used monometers of the 120th and 82nd calibers, releasing a few minutes towards our reference points located near the villages of Lugansk and Novoalugansk.
Moreover, the invaders are actively using the defensive positions of units of the Joint Forces Monometers of various calibers and grenade launchers.
Again, the enemy used monometers of heavy calibers, causing the fire of the 120th and 82nd caliber in the area of ??the settlements Southern, Zaitsev, Crimean and Luhansk.