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1. Of or relating to a single molecule.
2. Of or consisting of a layer one molecule thick.

mon′o·mo·lec′u·lar·ly adv.
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(Chemistry) chem of, concerned with, or involving single molecules: a monomolecular layer.
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(ˌmɒn oʊ məˈlɛk yə lər)

having a thickness of one molecule.
mon`o•mo•lec′u•lar•ly, adv.
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The private company has donated research equipment and support for postdoctoral fellows to explore the fundamentals of how a surface can be protected by a monomolecular layer in the face of increasingly severe impacts.
The outer layer of the integument, the epicuticle, contains a monomolecular layer of lipid (the wax layer) that is responsible for almost all the integument's resistance to water loss.
The SSE of canopy weight was lowest using a monomolecular model coupled to photosynthesis at Iowa and potential root water uptake at Missouri.
Viewports planed to monomolecular thickness offered rose-colored vistas of the Lobbyist's Quarter two hundred floors below.
A nonparametric comparison of monomolecular growth curves: applications to western painted turtle data.
The second component of the model is related to a [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] monomolecular equation (Campbell and Madden 1990), and describes the relationship between the numbers of urediniospores produced per leaf per day and the numbers of uredinia on leaves infected by two strains.
A monomolecular film system that changes color to indicate the presence of an influenza virus has been developed by a group at the Lawrence Berkeley (CA) Laboratory (LBL) Center for Advanced Materials.
However, excessive DPA resulted in the forming of the long hydrophobic blocks, which were prone to intramolecular association to form monomolecular micelles.
Kahle et al., "Monomolecular and bimolecular recombination of electron-hole pairs at the interface of a bilayer organic solar cell," Advanced Functional Materials, vol.
At low RH range, the monomolecular adsorption process takes place as a response to surface modification due to water molecule incorporation, reaching a first complete layer, the chemisorbed one, in the range 20 to 40% RH.
The Langmuir isotherm assumes that the adsorption takes place at specific homogeneous sites on the surface of the adsorbent and form a monomolecular adsorbed layer, which can be expressed as the following equation [30]: