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Noun1.mononeuropathy - any neuropathy of a single nerve trunk
neuropathy - any pathology of the peripheral nerves
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A peripheral mononeuropathy in rat that produces disorders of pain sensation like those seen in man.
1] It is common in the fibular head as mononeuropathy, although PN-associated weight loss is relatively rare and usually unilateral.
Neuropathy of the ulnar nerve at the elbow is one of a number of muscle-related and nervc-related disorders that affect people performing intensive work with their hands and upper extremities, and is the second most prevalent peripheral nerve mononeuropathy.
sup][2],[3] Here, a rare case of NL associated with ENKL that mainly presented as progressive multiplex painful mononeuropathy with multiple white matter lesions is reported.
Neurological Manifestations in Different types of Leprosy Patients Neurological LL BL BT TT PN Total Manifestations Cranial nerves affected Trigeminal nerve 1 3 2 6 Facial nerve 3 3 Muscular system Disability claw hands 2 2 1 5 Flexion deformity of toes 1 1 2 Muscles wasting Upper limbs 2 2 1 5 Lower limbs 1 1 3 5 Sensory system Superficial sensation Mononeuropathy 11 4 15 Ulnar side Radial side 2 2 1 5 Glove and stock 1 anaesthesia Maculo-anaesthetic 1 7 30 38 Trophic and vasomotor changes anhydrosis 4 12 20
Jardin assessed 49 patients with PNL and observed mononeuritis multiplex in 61%, mononeuropathy in 33% and only 6% had polyneuropathy.
Fasciculation of a single motor unit of a muscle, muscle wasting or a squint could indicate a mononeuropathy.
In the relevant literature, symmetric sensorimotor PN of mostly the axonal type and mononeuropathy multiplex are reported in association with hepatitis C infection (22).
Sequelae were seen with mononeuropathy multiplex, PTS, and inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy.