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Feeding on only one kind of food: monophagous grasshoppers.

mo·noph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.
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(Biology) feeding on only one type of food: monophagous insects.
moˈnophagy n
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(məˈnɒf ə gəs)

feeding on only one kind of food.
[1865–70; mono- + -phagous]
mo•noph′a•gy (-dʒi) n.
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Such predators are more useful than monophagous depending upon single type of prey.
In the present study, and in other studies with the crispata ecotype, there were no populations that displayed a monophagous diet.
[8.] Castells E, Berenbaum MR: Host plant selection by monophagous
In contrast, many non-pest species are monophagous or oligophagous (Byrne & Bellows 1991).
(2015) came to a similar conclusion, although they argued in a different way: Host selection may differ according to the host range given that poly-, oligo-, and monophagous species use different host selection strategies.
However, within the CFR katydid assemblage, all omnivorous species were classified as LC, while 25% of species (n = 8) were monophagous herbivores and these were relatively more prevalent in the threat classes (VU, EN and CR) than in LC (Fig.
Director Cotton Research Station Dr Sagheer talking to reporter stated that Pink bollworm was considered a monophagous pest living only on cotton plant.
Most of aphid species feed on one plant species or are monophagous. Some other aphid species, as Green peach aphid Myzus persicae, which can feed on hundreds of plant species, passively feed on sap of phloem vessels in plants.
Selection of large hosts plants for oviposition by a monophagous leaf beetle: nutritional quality or enemy-free space?