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Feeding on only one kind of food: monophagous grasshoppers.

mo·noph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.

monophagism, monophagy

the tendency to f eed on a single type of food. — monophagous, adj.
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It is worth noting that tephritids show different degrees of specialization on species of plants native to the American continent, ranging from monophagy to polyphagy (Duyck et al.
The genus Liothrips utilizes a wide range of host plants distributed in 28 families; however, 93% of its known species were recorded in only one host, indicating an eventual monophagy of this genus (Cock, 1982).
The great abundance of mines, the high frequency on their host plant and the local monophagy of this leaf miner weevil suggest a close association between T.
Some fungus feeding species tend toward monophagy (Hackman & Meiander, 1979).
This strict regional monophagy differs from the relatively wide polyphagy on the nominotypical Chamaecytisus absinthioides idas, which suggests that the latter may be a separate species as asserted by Kolev (2005).