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A single-legged support for a camera or other handheld device.
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Other fine features are a hidden Picatinny rail for a stabilizing monopod, a removable rubber buttplate cover, and a number of sling-mounting points, including ports for push-button quick-release swivels (swivels are not included) and fixed sling loops.
Librestream was dealing with a casting company for the first time for the camera that can be handheld, placed on a hardhat or a monopod.
The base of the butt features a flat Picatinny bag rider, forming an ideal mounting surface for a rear monopod. Just aft of the short Picatinny rail is a QD (quick-detachable) pocket for securing a sling while a molded-in window above the QD provides a tether point for a rear squeeze bag.
It primarily serves as an attachment point for a rear monopod. Covering the Picatinny with any of the aftermarket plastic covers also creates an ideally sized flat surface to ride a rear bag.
The center developed a monopod for the divers to take pictures they could show to the local residents in the barangay hall where the ShORe Center can train the rest of the community to recognize and count corals.
There are AR-15s, AK-47s and a Beowulf .50-caliber beast that comes equipped with a monopod beneath the barrel to support its heavy frame.
Heck, dig up a few 40-rounder AR mags and you might--depending upon your height--be able to use it as a standing monopod. Just kidding; don't try this.
Kwang-soo laughed and said two GoPro cameras on a monopod were sticking out of his backpack to provide a different perspective in the show, mostly of him running.
D500, D610, D750, D810, and D850 will get a Manfrotto Monopod and a 16GB Memory Card of total worth Rs14,500 absolutely free.
John Fearon was struck on the head with a camera monopod after William Henry Williams-Jones told him he'd "gone too far".