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1. (General Physics) a magnetic pole considered in isolation
2. (General Physics) Also called: magnetic monopole a hypothetical elementary particle postulated in certain theories of particle physics to exist as an isolated north or south magnetic pole


(ˈmɒn əˌpoʊl)

a hypothetical heavy subatomic particle with an isolated magnetic north or south pole.
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Un communique du departement indique la necessite, dans le contexte actuel, de mobiliser les organes regionaux et centraux du ministere du Commerce pour casser les pratiques de monopole et faire regner la transparence dans les operations commerciales.
In the other experiments, they engineered a system to become a monopole.
For this, many design configurations are suggested such as dual or multi-band planar monopole antenna with Micro-strip-line-fed or the probe-fed, planar inverted-F antenna (PIFAs), dielectric resonator antennas and the coplanar wave-guide (CPW)-fed antennas.
Break a bar of magnet into two, and you still do not get a magnetic monopole.
Le monopole de ces banques de donnees, selon lui, ouvre la voie a la manipulation.
The Monopole, created by Brit Steven Scott and his company Scotia, uses solar panels on the sides of the post to charge a battery that can power the light through the night.
More than just a monopole manufacturer, Ambor Structures strives to offer solution-based engineering and products to its customers worldwide, ensuring every project's desired results are achieved.
S Shaw, one medium 50kw endurance wind |turbine on a 25m monopole mast, Mount Pleasant Farm, Shelley.
In following the recipe for an artificial monopole, Hall and his team had to manipulate a condensate's rubidium atoms, each of which acts like a compass needle.
31 ( ANI ): Scientists have engineered a synthetic monopole in a quantum system for the first time.
Using hybrid configurations, several monopole-DRAs have been studied, which are constructed by a vertical monopole antenna loaded with a ring-shaped dielectric resonator (DR) around in the horizontal plane [4-8].
PIFA and monopole are used for reducing antenna size but vulnerable to outside interference [1].