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Having only one hydrogen ion to donate to a base in an acid-base reaction.

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To consider these compounds as proton receptors was a real challenge because the n clouds contain low charge density amounts for donating to monoprotic acids [83-84].
8-Hydroxyquinoline and some of its derivatives are monoprotic N,O donor bidentate chelating agents and exhibited substantial cytotoxic activity against cancer cells.
Fluorescence data from this step is either presented as a raw curve, which in the case of a single product looks much like a pH titration curve for a monoprotic acid (Figure 3); or it may be processed, most commonly with a second derivative function, which graphs as a peak at the inflection point of the raw data.
Sturrock PE (1968) Is a weak acid monoprotic? A new look at titration curves.
The behavior shown in Figure 1 is expected, as hexamine is a monoprotic base and to react it has to first start decomposing.
The equation for calculating the acid-dissociation constant Ka for monoprotic acids is Ka=[H+][A-]/[HA].