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Noun1.monosyllabic word - a word or utterance of one syllablemonosyllabic word - a word or utterance of one syllable
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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Also, in our study, a significant improvement was observed in speech recognition in a quiet environment; the improvement was on par with those reported by other researchers that used German monosyllabic word lists (11) and by those that used disyllabic word lists in Spanish.
He took it from the Greek root "mimeme" ("that which is imitated"), shaved it into a neat monosyllabic word to make it snappier (you know, like a meme) and used it to describe a unit of cultural transmission that shows the spread of ideas or culture.
After calibration control was performed, the Marmara University trisyllabic word list followed by the Marmara University phonetically balanced monosyllabic word list were presented at 65 dB, and participants' implanted discrimination scores were obtained.
BROUGHAMMED (broomd) somewhat dubious double-m variant of broughamed (see 10 Letters), suggested by American poet William Harmon in a competition to find the longest monosyllabic word. [Wiki]
A monosyllabic word has two parts 1) the initial consonant and 2) final vowel (either latent or added).
To know what exactly while hearing that speech make us take these decisions, he decided to focus on sexual orientation, which-previous studies had shown-can be correctly ascertained by listeners hearing only one monosyllabic word.
The one test that I felt most accurately described my hearing status, the one that minimized (but did not eliminate) the language factor, was the monosyllabic word test.
Also, their contralateral ear score must be 80% or less on the Consonant-Nucleus-Consonant monosyllabic word test, and they must have normal speech ability.
Patient age had a negligible effect on tests of monosyllabic word recognition after the procedure.
Monosyllabic word lists recorded primarily for suprathreshold recognition testing have limited use because test items may not be repeated in the middle of the recording.
Bliss's scansion of Beowulf shows that among type B verses the monosyllabic word is strongly preferred in both on-verses and off-verses, accounting for 605 of the 779 verses with the usual pattern of a single syllable in the second dip.(4)
Given that word-final consonants in absolute final domain are moraless, a monosyllabic word should end in a long vowel or in a cluster to be able to receive stress.