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1. Having only one syllable.
2. Characterized by or consisting of monosyllables.

mon′o·syl·lab′ic·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.monosyllabically - in a monosyllabic manner
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The former special counsel responded monosyllabically to hundreds of questions on Wednesday.
(21) As more of her brain power is unlocked Lucy begins to talk monosyllabically, has a new clunkiness to her walk, and blankness to her expression.
Julie has not read de Sade and answers almost monosyllabically as Vincent inelegantly and reductively tells her what happens in de Sade's La Philosophic dans le boudoir.
The texts are mostly set to music monosyllabically, with one note per syllable, using the rhythm of the poetry as the driving force.
The consequence of seven home hundreds already, to Stokes' alone for England, and 23 wickets in three matches for Mitchell Johnson is - as Cook monosyllabically agreed at his press conference - his lowest point in international cricket.
He responded monosyllabically. At a certain point she waited in stubborn smiling silence until she was introduced to his companion.