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Having only one theme.
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The Art of Fugue is an incomplete musical work of unspecified instrumentation by Bach, written in the last decade of his life and considered the culmination of the composer's experimentation with monothematic instrumental works.
Oriental writings, as presented by Jones and other scholars, influenced European literature (the presence of the Oriental had a profound impact on the shaping of Romantic consciousness, literary forms, and national desires); but they were also the reason why Oriental literature, and its character, seemed limited, primitive, and monothematic:" 'Lyric' sensibility emerged in Europe at the threshold of modernity in the encounter with 'Oriental' verse and, having taken over the universe of poetic expression in the West, became a benchmark and a test for 'Oriental' writing traditions themselves, erasing in the process all memory of its intercultural origins" (74).
Although the catalogue lacks the art-historical breadth and diversity of voices expected from a survey exhibition of such a renowned artist, principal curator and local art historian Rosemary Hawker convincingly argues that paradox is key to understanding Richter's work, which can seem at once self-referential and removed, monothematic and indiscriminate.
His eponymous restaurant in the Ritz Carlton reflects a growing craving for monothematic food with a Pan-Asian menu copied from his London restaurant, but there's still plenty to choose from: the restaurant offers an abundance of sake, served in a restrained interior by Natalia Belonogova.
This represents the monothematic discourse that mythologizes the social process of SUS construction and naturalizes its real conditions in terms of the myth of chaos, crisis, incompetency, insufficient funding, and lack of resources and infrastructure for proper medical work.
Berenguer et al., "Report of the monothematic EASL conference on liver transplantation for viral hepatitis (Paris, France, January 12-14, 2006)," Journal of Hepatology, vol.
Finally, the questionnaire was monothematic which may have created a mindset in responding to some of the questions that may not have been indicative of the true perceptions and practices of university presidents.
This volume is nearly monothematic as all but two of the included articles deal with the grammatical categories of the verb.
Finally, the monothematic design of the questionnaire may have elicited responses that were socially desirable.
Thoughts lose their abundance and become monothematic. They circulate around unfulfilled dreams, longings, unrealized plans, purpose of suffering or hostility of fate.