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Having only one theme.
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His eponymous restaurant in the Ritz Carlton reflects a growing craving for monothematic food with a Pan-Asian menu copied from his London restaurant, but there's still plenty to choose from: the restaurant offers an abundance of sake, served in a restrained interior by Natalia Belonogova.
Speaking at the 7th Nicosia Economic Congress, Petrides said the island had diverse comparative advantages that allowed it not to be monothematic as regards investment -- it now has a stable economy, an effective legal system and an attractive tax regime.
Finally, the questionnaire was monothematic which may have created a mindset in responding to some of the questions that may not have been indicative of the true perceptions and practices of university presidents.
This volume is nearly monothematic as all but two of the included articles deal with the grammatical categories of the verb.
Finally, the monothematic design of the questionnaire may have elicited responses that were socially desirable.
Thoughts lose their abundance and become monothematic.
Monothematic eurorejection and anti-imperialist narratives may thus be taken out of play.
That which Hanslick considered a lack of diversity is, in fact, the symphony's monothematic principle, with the central theme appearing in all its movements.
Popularity" of this issue is illustrated by the monothematic issue of Oxford Review of Economic Policy from September 1996.
But by itself the introduction to his Text and Act (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995) should have warded off Campos's worries about some sort of monochromatic or monothematic approach to the debate over authenticity and the realization of the score, or "music in the process of becoming music," as Campos personifies the matter, "la musique en train de se faire.