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 (mŏn-tān′, mŏn′tān′)
Of, growing in, or inhabiting mountain areas.

[Latin montānus, from mōns, mont-, mountain; see men- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) of or inhabiting mountainous regions: a montane flora.
[C19: from Latin montānus, from mons mountain]


(ˈmɒn teɪn)
1. pertaining to, growing in, or inhabiting mountainous regions.
2. the lower vegetation belt on mountains.
[1860–65; < Latin montānus=mont- (s. of mōns) mount2 + -ānus -ane]
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Adj.1.montane - of or inhabiting mountainous regions; "montane flowers"
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His dissertation investigated the potential for expanding montane scrub woodland - nicknamed the "Cinderella" habitat, near Perth.
Patches of transitional vegetation such as cerrado, and relictual montane forests also occur within the campo rupestre landscape, also known as capao florestal (montane forest) and scrub (Alves et al.
The monsoon evergreen broadleaved forest is a tropical montane evergreen broad-leaved forest based on its habitats, physiognomy and floristic composition (Zhu et al., 2005), while the mid-montane wet evergreen broad-leaved forest on upper mountains has been likened to cloud forests or mossy forests of Asia (Shi et al., 2009, Zhu et al., 2016).
THE Montane Outlet Store is an official retailer of Montane outdoor clothing and accessories.
The Montane Phoenix Flight Jacket has new PrimaLoft ThermoPlume technology - a synthetic, super lightweight insulation, not dissimilar to down.
The classifications of land use and vegetation are based on size, shape, shading, tone and texture of the objects in these images (Graham and Read, 1990) and are organized in the following categories based on ground-truthing: forest, agriculture, human settlements, open woodlands, open woodlands with agriculture, open woodlands with montane grassland, montane grassland (zacatonal), water body and without vegetation.
There are also several standalone photos with captions and a lengthy "potted history" of montane ash forests which is useful, although, as the authors note, "skewed towards factors associated with the conservation and management of Leadbeater's possum".
Acting on intelligence, officers visited: | Montane Warehouse in Freeman Court, North Seaton Industrial Estate, Ashington; | Gino's Fish Bar in Plessey Road, Blyth; | Lebaneat restaurant in North Bailey, Durham.
The Madrean Encinal (Encinal) ecological system contained four camera locations, the Madrean Lower Montane Pine-Oak Forest and Woodland (Pine-Oak) ecological system contained four locations, and the Madrean Mesic and Canyon Forest and Woodland (Mesic and Canyon) ecological system contained 14 locations.
Here we find pockets of montane heath, scarce summit habitats than can be seen as a kind of tundra - land that is above the tree-line and below the permanent snow-line.
22 (BNA): Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)'s Chairman Khalid Al Moayed received the Head of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy of France to Kingdom of Bahrain Valerie Montane on Tuesday.